Review: Russell Hobbs Food Collection 3 Tier Steamer Model 14453

Steaming is a very healthy way to cook food and this steamer from Russell Hobbs has 7 litres capacity, 3 tiers, a rice bowl and a 60 minute timer.

The steamer is made of brushed stainless steel and plastic and measures 378mm high, 192mm width and 240mm depth.

The plastic baskets are not made of the thickest plastic but for a the price, this steamer is very good value considering that many steamers cost twice the price.

I steamed carrots, broccoli and frozen green beans together and found that the steaming timetable at the back of the booklet was accurate. The carrots were peeled, sliced into four lengthways, and chopped in half. The broccoli was washed and cut into 2″/5cm florets. I placed the carrots in the lower basket, the broccoli in the middle one and the frozen beans in the top basket.

The water reservoir needs to be filled up to the maximum level (1 pint/500ml) with boiling water. I set the clockwork timer to 20 minutes – the timetable states 15 minutes for a single layer of carrots but I had almost three layers of carrots in the bottom basket so had to adjust the cooking time. After 20 minutes all the veg were cooked perfectly and still had a little “bite” to them (I don’t like soggy vegetables) and the water reservoir was still half full. I found that the steamer was fairly quiet too, as I know that some can be very noisy.

After use, the baskets and mounts are easy to clean in warm soapy water.

The steamer has a thermostat which will cut off the power if the water boils dry, however, the water should last for 60 minutes if filled up to the maximum level.

The steamer will also cook chicken, fish, shellfish, frankfurters, rice and just about anything else which will benefit from steaming. I shall enjoy experimenting with this steamer!

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