How to Re-Grow Vegetables For Free

You may have noticed that I like using spring onions (scallions or green onions) as I think that the flavour “livens up” so many dishes from salads and simple rice dishes to delicious bakes and stews.

I like onions of any description and they’re so healthy too – but did you know that spring onions will re-grow themselves in a glass of water within a couple of weeks?!

I have read quite a lot about re-growing veg and thought I’d try out this method especially as my books are about budget meals, using up leftovers and thrifty ideas. Now you can learn how to grow a few vegetables for free!

Two weeks ago, I bought some spring onions, leeks and celery.

The spring onions have completely re-grown! The leeks aren’t bad at all and there are enough leaves to snip off for use in a stew. I think I need to plant the celery in a pot of compost, again on the windowsill and see what happens…

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