Food, glorious food! We all need food, water and shelter but unfortunately the cost of food has been spiralling for months.  It’s not only about the cost of food but also the wastage as almost half of the food produced throughout the world is thrown away. This is mostly due to supermarkets throwing away food that has passed its “sell by date”, farmers unable to harvest a particular crop due to adverse weather conditions and last, but not least, households throwing away leftover food – some of which has never even been removed from its packaging.

fresh-produceIt is so important these days to plan ahead, make up shopping lists, buy food sensibly, don’t buy food on impulse and use up leftovers.

So many people eat ready-made processed food which is not only more expensive but unhealthy too!  The word “processed” means that the food has been messed around with, chemicals and preservatives added and so on. Time is precious these days, people are so busy and don’t think they have time to prepare meals from scratch. But in reality, a lot of meals can be made very quickly. We hear regularly in the news about ghastly ingredients in some processed food.  By making meals from scratch, not only are you going to save money but you will know exactly what you and your family are eating.

As a keen cook, I decided to experiment with cheaper raw ingredients to see whether budget meals could be as tasty as more expensive ones.  I found that they certainly can! Most of my recipes are made from seasonal, quality, local, fresh ingredients wherever possible, but I do use some store cupboard ingredients to make life easier.  I also like to use plenty of herbs as they really transform the flavour of the finished dish!

The recipes in my books have all been tried and tested thoroughly by my family and friends.  I am writing a series of books on thrifty recipes and only the very best recipes will be published! If you have never cooked before, don’t worry as I’ll have so many hints and tips on this website to help you.  Enjoy cooking, make it fun and make it thrifty!