Thrifty Cook Soup – Out Now!

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Thrifty Cook Soup – Out Now!
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I have spent months making soup and finally my new Kindle book, Thrifty Cook Soup is available on Amazon!

Soup is the ultimate comfort food and especially at this time of year. My recipes are quick and easy to make, nutritious, filling and most of all – delicious! Serve up in bowls, pack into a flask or slurp from a mug.

I have included traditional recipes, adding my own twist, and have made up a number of more unusual soups which turned out really well and were very popular with family and friends. There is also a section on making homemade stocks, which is so easy and very thrifty.

All the recipes can be made in one pot on the hob so there’s no need to turn the oven on at all.

The ingredients are all easy to source and many of the recipes use seasonal vegetables and leftovers.

As with my other books, measurements are in imperial, metric and US cups.Butternut Squash & Peanut (6)

But I can’t sit back and relax yet as I’m working on the colour paperback version which will be published very soon! I enjoy choosing photographs for the paperback and working out how to arrange them on the pages. However, I still have quite a lot to do in the kitchen as I’m going to make some thrifty Christmas recipes to post on this website – so perhaps towards the end of December, I’ll have a few days off before starting my next project in the New Year.

I’d love to hear your comments and especially if you enjoyed the recipes!


Thrifty Cook Soup v2


Please click on the book cover to view the book’s details on Amazon.

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