Spinach & Mushroom Pancakes

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Spinach & Mushroom Pancakes
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Oven and hob (stove top)

Serves 4

Preparation 15 minutes/Cook for 15-20 minutes

Preheat oven to 200C/Fan 180/400F/Gas 6


These are really tasty, savoury pancakes. If you’d prefer to use fresh spinach, rather than frozen, then wilt the spinach in a separate pan and drain thoroughly before adding to the mushrooms.

This recipe is taken from my book, Thrifty Cook Main Meals




4 oz/100g plain/1 cup flour

1 egg

½ pint/300ml/1 cup milk

Pinch of salt

Oil for frying




1 lb/500g/2 ½ cups frozen leaf spinach, thawed

4 large flat mushrooms

4 oz/100g/1 cup cheddar, parmesan or other cheese, grated

Salt and pepper

1 oz/25g/⅛ cup butter

4 tbsp cream




Grease an ovenproof dish – approximately 13” x 9”/33 x 23cm.

Wipe the mushrooms with a cloth or paper towel then slice them fairly thinly.  Melt the butter in a large saucepan and add the mushrooms, stirring until the liquid has evaporated.  Add the spinach, stirring until it is heated through.  Take the pan off the heat.  Add half the grated cheese and stir into the mixture.

Make the batter: Sieve the flour into a mixing bowl.  Add the salt.  Crack in the egg and mix everything, preferably with a balloon whisk.  Add the milk then beat the batter until smooth.

Put a small amount of oil into a frying pan (skillet) and allow the pan to become hot.  Pour a quarter of the batter into the frying pan. When the bottom of the pancake becomes golden, flip over and cook the other side.

Place the cooked pancake on a plate.  Put quarter of the spinach and mushroom mixture along the centre of the pancake.  Roll up the pancake and put in the ovenproof dish.  Repeat with the other 3 pancakes.

Put the rest of the grated cheese evenly over the top of each pancake and drizzle with cream.  Place in the oven for about 15 minutes until the cheese is bubbling.

Serve with crusty bread and tomato salad.






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