Review: Extra Oven Shelf

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Review: Extra Oven Shelf
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I have started to review kitchen equipment and cooking ingredients and especially those which I believe will save time and/or money in the kitchen.

Last week I tried out an Extra Oven Shelf from Qwerkity who sell hundreds of unusual gadgets for the home, garden, DIY and travel.

The extra oven shelf is made of chrome and sits on the oven floor.  It measures 38x34x5cm so will fit in most ovens. Ovens are often supplied with only two removable shelves, so whether you have an electric, gas or range cooker, this extra shelf is a very clever idea for saving time and energy.

My oven is a standard size and sometimes I have to cook in batches due to lack of space, however, last week I cooked three large pizzas using the extra shelf and also some biscuits, which again, required three shelves.

The pizzas were cooked on baking sheets, but as with any oven shelf, if food is to be cooked on the oven rack itself, a baking tray should be placed beneath the rack to protect from food dripping onto the oven floor.

The shelf is easy to wash in warm soapy water after use.

With a price tag of £9.99 plus delivery I think this is a bargain and especially useful for when family or friends come over and more oven space is required.


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