Planning a Barbeque This Weekend?

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Planning a Barbeque This Weekend?
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A beautiful warm, sunny weekend is forecast in the UK and maybe you have planned a barbeque – if so, read on if you haven’t bought your fresh meat or charcoal.

The price wars have started in the supermarkets, not only for meat and BBQ packs but also fresh fruit, vegetables, ice cream, drinks and anything that can be enjoyed al fresco! The competition is fierce as the supermarkets try to grab as much of the market as possible.

What struck me when flicking through the supermarkets’ prices today, was that the offers available for this weekend are virtually the same at all the major supermarkets. So if you want to shop at the supermarket, you may as well visit your nearest store. They all have offers on meat, whether it’s buy one get one free, or half price offers. For example:-

Would you like sausages this weekend? All the supermarkets have offers on sausages but Aldi seem to have the best offers. Aldi’s Butcher’s Select Sausages (weighing 454g) are IMG_3051reduced from £1.55 to £1.09 for a pack of 8 sausages. They are also selling a bog standard pack of 8 pork sausages for 99p (see picture on the right). The latter is good value as the percentage of pork is only slightly lower than all the other Butcher’s Choice ranges from the other supermarkets.

Tesco’s Butcher’s Choice British Pork Sausages, again weigh 454g for 8 sausages and 2 packs will cost £3.50 (rather than the usual price of £1.99 per pack)

Morrisons have reduced their Signature Thick Old English pack of 6 sausages from £3.19 to £2.50 per pack.

Sainsbury’s have a multi buy offer on Sainsbury’s Butcher’s Choice Large Pork sausages for £2 per pack of 8 sausages or buy 2 packs for £3.50

Asda are promoting their Extra Special Pork Sausages at £4 per pack of 10 sausages, or you could buy 3 packs of 10 sausages for £10

 What about some pork chops?

Lidl have an offer on Pork Loin Steaks – 1 kg (about 8 steaks) for £4.49

Tesco have an offer on their Pork Chops – a 1kg pack of 6 is reduced from £6 to £5

If you’re after pork chops or sausages then there are bargains to be had! I had a quick look at burgers, chicken portions and ribs but found the same trend. In other words, all the supermarkets have offers on virtually anything to do with barbeques.

As far as charcoal is concerned … the same story as they’re all £1/kg.

Sainsbury’s Charcoal Briquettes are £6 for a 6kg bag

Tesco’s Outdoor Charcoal Briquettes are £5 for a 5kg bag

Morrison’s Big K BBQ Charcoal Briquettes are £5 for a 5kg bag

Asda’s Bar-Be-Quick Charcoal Briquettes are £5 for a 5kg bag

I had a look at Homebase and their Briquettes have been reduced from £5.99 to £4.49 but this is for only 4kg, however, it did say “price pending” so perhaps Homebase will knock off the extra 49p by tomorrow and sell their charcoal for the same price as the supermarkets!

With all these offers on fresh meat and sausages, it would make sense to grab a few packs for the freezer, especially if you go to the supermarket later on in the day where some packs could be reduced further if the sell by date is approaching.

IMG_1188I really don’t enjoy scrambling around the supermarket with a clumsy trolley on Saturday mornings so I think I’ll nip down to my local butcher instead. They have several offers on this weekend including burgers, pork ribs, pork chops, lamb chops, mince (so I could make my own burgers), kebabs, packs of chicken thighs and drumsticks, chicken fillets, whole chickens and packs of steak. But there didn’t appear to be any offers on sausages, mind you, I don’t care because their sausages are made on the premises and are always cheaper than the supermarkets anyway!

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend, and why not have a barbeque? Go and grab those bargains!

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