New Paperback Out Now! Main Meals Two

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New Paperback Out Now! Main Meals Two
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My third book Thrifty Cook Main Meals Two is now available as a paperback as well as on Kindle. Since publishing my first book Thrifty Cook Main Meals last year, I made dozens of new meals and experimented with different, low cost, ingredients.

I was surprised when I worked out that my family’s favourite new recipes equalled over a month’s worth of meals!  So I decided to publish a new book and continue the same theme as Main Meals. Many of the recipes in Main Meals Two make use of leftovers, although fresh ingredients can be used if there aren’t any leftovers in the fridge.  Most of the recipes are meat based but there are fish dishes and several vegetarian recipes too.Main Meals Two ebook cover v5

When pricing up the recipes, I calculated that nearly all the meals worked out at under £1 per head.  I haven’t published the costs because it really depends on where people shop, whether there are any bargains to be had and of course, prices change constantly.  However, all the recipes are certainly cheap to make and most of them are quick and easy too.  Above all, they’re delicious which is so important.  Nobody wants to eat bland, tasteless food, nor eat the same dish day after day.

Some people prefer eBooks in the kitchen and others like to have a printed copy.  If you prefer eBooks but don’t have a Kindle, you can download a free Kindle Reader application from Amazon.  The Kindle Reader will work on any tablet, iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac or android.

I am currently working on two more books, then maybe I’ll take a break for a couple of months and concentrate on writing blogs.  My family (who are my chief tasters) will be thrilled to be able to come into the kitchen and sit down and eat as soon as their meal is cooked.  These days, the evening meal gets complicated from Monday to Friday … three hungry children have to hang around while I take a dozen photos before serving up their meal!  I suppose there is a bonus – they never get bored with the same dish being served up constantly!  Variety is the spice of life as they say.

The new paperback doesn’t have photographs inside which is reflected in the price but I am currently getting all three books ready to print with full colour photos oChilli Chickenf each recipe. So each book will be available as Kindle, black and white paperback and full colour paperback.  All the photos can be viewed on this website and, of course, the Kindle versions have colour photos!

I hope you all enjoy my new book.  If you have any comments or questions then please comment here or send me an email.


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