Main Meals Colour Paperback – Out Now!

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Main Meals Colour Paperback – Out Now!
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Thrifty Cook Main Meals is now available in three formats!

I published the Kindle version in March 2013 and after receiving requests for a printed version, the black and white paperback became available at the end of 2013. Now, a few months later, the full colour paperback is available!

Main Meals Colour Print Cover Resized

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The paperbacks are quite large (8” x 10”/20.32 x 25.4cm) so they will stay open on the kitchen worktop without any problem.

Anyone who buys the black and white paperback can view colour photos of the recipes on this website. However, many cooks and especially those who have not cooked much before, prefer to look at a photograph of the finished dish in the book.  The colour paperback has large photos of most of the meals.

The cheapest format is the Kindle version which includes colour photos. If you don’t have a Kindle device, that is not a problem as Amazon has a free Kindle Reading application which can be downloaded from Amazon and this will enable Kindle eBooks to be read on a PC, Laptop, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android device.

The black and white paperback is very good value for those who are not bothered about colourful photos (or are happy to look at the pictures on this website).

IMG_4360The new colour paperback is packed full of photographs, but due to the cost of colour printing it is £2.49 more expensive than the black and white version.


I am planning to publish colour paperbacks of my other two books, Light Meals & Lunchboxes and Main Meals Two … and I’m also working on a fourth book which should be available in the autumn… I’m keeping busy!


If you have any ideas or comments, please write a few words below as feedback is so useful – thank you!

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