7 Delicious Aldi Recipes for 4 People for Under £1/Person (Even Includes a Shopping List!)

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7 Delicious Aldi Recipes for 4 People for Under £1/Person (Even Includes a Shopping List!)
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I often write about buying food locally and I buy most of my fresh food from local shops and non-perishable items from the supermarket. For my supermarket shop, I decided to try a new Aldi store which had opened a few months ago. I spent about an hour there looking at the prices and quality of what they had to offer. I was pleasantly surprised and bought a few bits and pieces to try…

I looked up Aldi on the internet and read that all their core range of fresh beef, chicken and pork is British and not only packaged in this country but raised here too. Most of Aldi’s meat has the Red Tractor symbol and the RSPCA Freedom Food status. Their eggs are produced in Britain, most were free range and they all have the Lion Stamp. The fruit and veg are grown in the UK when in season and are all free from GM. Aldi continuously test for pesticide residues to make sure that they are well under the required regulations.

Something else that pleased me was that Aldi are planning to expand their organic range – something I am particularly keen on!

I was impressed with Aldi and am not at all surprised that they are becoming so popular.

I am fortunate to have quite a few local shops which supply fresh food but I realize that many people don’t have independent shops selling local fresh food and the supermarket is the only practical option. With this in mind, I decided to create seven main meals to feed four people where all the ingredients are sourced from Aldi and all the meals would cost under £1 per head per day (please see photos of the dishes below).

The recipes turned out to be tasty, filling and easy to make.

I have included two vegetarian dishes. I wanted to use a fish dish but I’m afraid that using fresh or frozen fish worked out too expensive – I could have used tinned, maybe fish cakes or something similar but even then, the recipe would have been mostly “potato cakes” rather than “fish cakes”!

The recipes are all low cost and thrifty too, as some recipes use half a bag/pack for one meal and the other half for another recipe later in the week. The cost of the recipes could be cut further by omitting herbs and spices or perhaps using sunflower oil instead of olive oil for salad dressings, for example. I wanted all the food to be delicious and made more than seven meals but only included the ones that my “taste testers” thought were scrumptious!

I have presumed, when working out the recipes, that the fridge, freezer and larder are empty, besides a pot of salt and pepper!

A shopping list is included based on Aldi’s prices during the last week of June 2014.

It doesn’t matter which day of the week a particular recipe is made but do bear in mind that a chicken dish used later in the week may require the chicken pieces to be frozen on the day of purchase (and defrosted thoroughly before use) so that it is eaten fresh. Also, salad can go off quickly even when kept in the fridge, so a dish with salad would best be eaten earlier in the week – or buy fresh as needed.

The shopping list comes to £40.22. Assuming that the target is £1 per head for 4 people over 7 days, this ought to be £28.00 but, as I said before, I am presuming that all the ingredients need to be purchased in the pack sizes available and not all will be used. In fact, all seven recipes come in at under £1 per head with the cheapest being just 64p, so you will use less than £28.00’s worth of your £40.22 shop with the rest available to use another day!

Please click here to print off the Shopping List – it may well be that you have quite a few ingredients in your larder already!

I will post all the recipes this week, the first one later on today! Please look under my Recipes Blog and search for Aldi.


I have published four cookbooks – which are all based on low-cost ingredients, and many of the recipes make use of leftover food. Please click on the book covers below to have a look!


























My seven Aldi dishes are pictured below!



Meatballs In Tomato (2)

Tomato Pasta Resized

Lemon Chicken (2)Resized

Red Pepper & Chorizo Tortilla (3)

Drumsticks with wedges Resized


Sausage Onion & Apple (4) Resized

Summer Spaghetti (2)

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